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  stephanie lynn
age: seventeen
location: redford, mi
sexuality(optional): straight
reason for your username: im not really sure. i needed one and well, this is what my friend came up with for me..i liked it so..tada!
where you found us: promotion in another community i was in

favorite books:
the perks of being a wallflower, the torn skirt, the fuck up, rough face girl, and dear america
favorite bands: jet, nirvana, social code, poison, MCR, glasseater, the yeah yeah yeahs
favorite movies: mississippi burning, the 60s, detroit rock city, romeo and juliet/west side story, JFK...yea, i think im a "history buff" particularly the 60s era..
bands you really dislike: i dont really "hate" any band. i mean, theres always those songs on the radio that i dont wanna listen to that i change.
guilty pleasure song/artist: oh would prolly have to be britney spears. thats right, im still listening to her...well, her music. her, as a shes very...i cant even think of the word. she comes off very twisted..
favorite song(s) and why:
favorite lyric:

"with the power of soul
anything is possible
with the power of you
anything you wanna do
flyin' through the air on a kite every day and every night..."  
                                                                            --Jimi Hendrix

favorite concert/show you've been to: i would have to say greenday. seen them last nov. and it was soo awesome!! i loved it. everyone was totally...there was so much hype, there was no way not to have fun.
favorite celebrity: dave grohl. definitley.

totally okay with it. i have friends that happen to be homosexual and they are the best! "gays" deserve as much rights as the next person. if they love someone of the same sex and that person can return those feelings, thats awesome. theres no reason they cant have the same rights as a guy/girl married couple. i hate that it isnt "legal"  for two of the same sex to get married. and the only reason i hear is because its not "morally right." well, what about separation of church and state?? and according to whose morals?? and dont say they "choose" to be gay because thats not exactly right. its not something they choose to be, its just they choose to be happy. happy with someone they wanna be with rather than someone they dont. thats not fair to either parties. if they could choose to be gay or strait, wouldnt they choose being straight so they dont get ridiculed for being gay?? well, maybe not exactly but do you see my point?
abortion: im not exactly sure if im personally for or against. im not pregnant so im not sure what to think. if theres some circumstance, where they HAVE to get one, please, talk it over with the father, too. he should have a say in whats goin on. after all, it is his kid too. i wanna say try having the kid and just place him in the orphanage but c'mon, is that really a better alternative?  theres something like, 30% of orphans end up killing themselves anyways and get all depressed or something to that extent. i guess its more of a judgment call. wow..that sounds really careless. i dont mean for it to but thats what im thinking.
religion: everyone has a belief, whether you do or dont beleive in "god" is up to you. everyone beleives something. theres someone or something they go to, to get some type of faith. and if not, well, its up to them. i know i beleive in god, i do pray but thats just me. someone once said "its better to live life thinking theres a heaven and find out theres not, then to live like theres not and finding out there is." i mean, you dont have to believe in heaven and hell for that to work but it kinda fits.
drugs/alcohol: another judgment call. if you do whatever, hey, thats up to you. just do it responsibly. i know i can drink a lil much at times but i dont drive and im not a moron when it comes to doing so. just...dont be stupid. anyone and everyone can tell you not to do something but you still will, so if youre going to, be responsible about it.
body modification: totally for it. its sort of an expression of who you are...or just because its something you like. i do, however, think that you should have thought it out. especially for tattoos. get something that means something to you or at least, something you wont mind having in 20 years from now. i only have my ears done twice, my belly button, and a tattoo closer to my hip. and im planning to get another on the back of my neck..i cant wait! 
labels: ill admit, i label ppl. and they prolly label me. thats fine. it happens, whether you like it or not. now, i dont judge ppl on their labels..its not something i hold against them. besides, after high school, it doesnt even matter. not that it should now, but seriously..people do it anyways.

what/who do you really fucking hate?
this one girl i used to hang out with. she always lied and about the stupidest things. we were suppose to be best friends but thats only if she can keep secrets from me, compete with me, and just be annoying. gah! oh! and if something can prove  her wrong, its never because shes actually wrong..either she didnt have enough time to finish or she just didnt do everything...oh! and she made this rule that you have to be "cool with the friend, to get the girl"  and she hated every guy that i "liked"  so because they couldnt get along, i wouldnt be with him. hey, its chicks before dicks...but the one guy that i absolutely hate is the guy shes wanting to be with. and they are. why? because my opinion doesnt matter and that rule only applies if its dealing with me liking someone. then, if she does happen to approve, she just goes and makes out with them instead so duh, no wonder why its okay. she thinks shes better than everyone and its just like, "no, really youre not."  shes such an effing hypocrite. and then acts as if im stupid enough to not know what shes been doing. ugh!...whatever though.
something we wouldn't know from looking at you:  i love love LOVE snakes.
something else: im still afraid of the dark sometimes. especially after i watch a really scary movie.  
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