MARY. (xscream467) wrote in the_sirens,


name: Mary
age: 17
location: Chico, CA
sexuality(optional): Lesbian.
reason for your username: I used to be extreamly into freestyle skiing, and my skis where xscreams, and 467 was my racing number.
where you found us: notinschool .

favorite books: Skin Deep ( GREAT book, i would recommend it to anyone interested in tattooing, it is a memoir), Smack, Perfect, The Lovely Bones.
favorite bands: The Cure, The Doors, Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, Third Eye Blind.
favorite movies: Silence of the Lambs, Orange County, Wasted, The Breakfast Club.
bands you really dislike: 50 cent, Sonny and Cher.
guilty pleasure song/artist: Kelly Clarkson.
favorite song(s) and why: One Headlight, by The Wallflowers. It is a very deep song, and i love how it is put together, i have never heard a song where the music and lyrics flow so easily. It was also played at my best friends funeral 2 years ago, so that makes it have even more meaning to me.
favorite lyric: don't post the whole song The sky was gold, it was rose, i was taking sips of it through my nose and i wish i could get back there, someplace back there smiling in the pictures you would take, doing crystal meth will lift you up untill you break. -- Semi Charmed, by Third Eye Blind.
favorite concert/show you've been to: Nine Inch Nails, was AMAZING. Another great one was Tom Petty.
favorite celebrity: Hm...i don't fallow celebrities...sorry : /

homosexuality: i am for it, (obviously, i'm a lesbian, hah). I don't think that anyone should be able to control, or tell you who to love.
abortion: I am pro-choice, i feel as though it is the womans body, and she should be free to do what she wants.
religion: I don't like the people who are extreamly in your face about their religion, that just pisses me off. My family is Jewish, and i participate with them, but i find that all the churchs i have been to are judgmental, and that just isn't for me.
drugs/alcohol: I was in rehab for 33 months for herion/crystal meth addiction, so i have experiance. I don't really have much to say about it, besides don't do it, because it will mess up your, and other peoples lives in ways you didn't even know possible. But i think that there should be afford able treatment for those who want it. I'm all for weed though, in my opion it is MUCH better than alcohol. My mom is an extreame alcoholic so i have experiance there also, i feel that in moderation it is okay, but like any drug, it can destroy people and their families.
body modification: piercings, tattoos etc I am FOR it. I have BME set as my home page lol. I have 11 tattoos, and 13 retired piercings (because of treatment, and i haven't had any redone, except my tounge web and industrial).
labels: (preppy, punk, emo, indie, scene...) It really annoys me when people label others. Judgemental people don't rank very high on my like list. Another thing that annoys me, is when people label themselves.

what/who do you really fucking hate? George Bush, ignorance, when my cell phone dies and i don't have the charger, mexican food, bad Napolian Dynamite impressions.
something we wouldn't know from looking at you: i have diabetes, and a rare disease called Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome, which causes me to throw up a lot. I'm homeschooled, and i have survived over 30 brutal attacks which has resulted in 14 surgeries. i dye my hair, A LOT.
something else: really, anything. Flamingos can only eat with their heads upside down, jelly fish are 95% water.
promote in two different places and link to them here (we will check!): xscream467 , getpackages

more than 2 but less than 8 pictures:

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