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This community is for a variety of people. It doesn't matter what you're into, as long as it's good. If you like music that other members don't like they won't vote solely on that. If other members don't like the way you look or dress, they can't vote solely on that either. Be who you are and see if we like you for that.


reason for your username:
where you found us:

favorite books:
favorite bands:
favorite movies:
bands you really dislike:
guilty pleasure song/artist:
favorite song(s) and why:
favorite lyric:
don't post the whole song
favorite concert/show you've been to:
favorite celebrity:

body modification:
piercings, tattoos etc
(preppy, punk, emo, indie, scene...)

what/who do you really fucking hate?
something we wouldn't know from looking at you:
something else:
really, anything
promote in two different places and link to them here (we will check!):

more than 2 but less than 8 pictures:

[1] You have to be at least thirteen years old.
[1] You have 72 hours (that's three days!) after joining to post your app.
[2] Please use a lj cut for your entire application! The code is <*lj-cut text="YOUR TEXT"*> without the asteriks.
[3] No innappropriate pictures, body shots are okay as long as you are somewhat clothed please.
[4] Do not vote until you are stamped!
[5] If you're rejected, reapply in a week if you want. :)
[6] Put "siren" in the subject line of your application so we know you read the rules.

[1] You can say whatever you want to non-members but do not be mean to other members.
[2] Post every now and then! It's fun to be a cam-whore. If you're accepted, be an active member, please.
[3] Please vote and when you do put your vote in the subject line so it's easier to count.
[4] When you do post put "Stamped" in the subject line so we know you're an accepeted member.
[5] You can promote other communities, just don't do it all the time and please put it under a cut.
[6] Do not promote other communities in comments on applications.


reach her at:
AIM: julia was all
EMAIL: stayorleave74@hotmail.com


reach him at:
AIM: xparkplacex
EMAIL: xparkplacex@netscape.net

julia little_ghost
parker readyset__go
marisa an_autumn_love
mellissa sixwaystreet
jenn oxpaperxbagxo
deliciousmelody deliciousmelody
mckenzie killing_emotion
christine saveyourdignity
ashleigh luckycharmsxo
liz imightbite previously odd_girl_out
jme jamesterissoemo
justine __resuscitate previously fearaddicted
shannon icequeen178
rachel _rachella
tallas tallado
stephanie hart sisteradore
perry justuptight
dd halostealer20
moe molasses__
ana watchmeskank
annabel ophelias_wings
kayleigh neon_buzz previously absentcolour
alexa sapphiregaloshs
erika thisisasetup
fran nights_fire4444
kari karijean
steph 48_frames
cara blindmilkbottle
jacqueline soshewrote
jennifyr heartcavity
emily nicole zombified_3
allison dump_cake
manni amilase
krista cy_tabby2
mike capedog69
stephanie ninja_likewhoa
briscoe c0_33
elizabeth ____siren
julie hallwaymixtapes previously juliesbandages
haley atticspace
mike heynowlookat
tanya anarchyxforsale
kim iknewsomeone
jessie _shebang
carly carrotbox
alexandria inthisheart
meagan _crossmyxheart
andrew crossxyouxout
brett chestxtoxwheel
greg xdarksunshinex
katie xxcellardoor
michael wish_me_there
jenna guardallstar
anna mae croc_odiles
jessica diewhoredie
audrey __thisisglamour
sean forafriend423
julia plastic_letters
missy ___heylush
ali nerdyperfection
hannah palindrome22
nikki fadein2myparade
lauren __tune_out
margaret ann cheshirecatgrin
erica __tuezledrame
sasha takeyourpill

chelsea razoredtears04 for being too goth, lazy-eyed and looking like avril lavigne
jessie xbloodrunscoldx for listening to too much metal and having poor grammar
zoie __kisstheskull just because the mods weren't really feelin' it
kim fallenangel2004 for bringing a date to the prom who looked hotter than she did
michele celluloidbeauty for having small crappy pictures :(
chloe pinktoxickiss for spelling errors we just couldn't forgive
tara h0pesfall for getting all no's and being pretty dumb
caroline liquid_lips for posting an undies shot
ashley ______slut for not smiling
cordelia anna desert_lips
ashely lorelle mysticlorelle22 for not following the rules and posting a picture of her boyfriend
stacy doom_buggy for listening to that stupid fucking gary jules song
jannelle _moonfairy for liking even one song by hilary duff
laura mo_lova for a half assed app and telling us that happiness is a choice
kryssy mskittykat for spelling errors and no pictures...
zey afterthesmoke for being too metal
erin karakamufu ...wait ....bono?
lauren ashley twistedan9el for a username associated with Leann Rimes
emily under0pressure
shelle _frantic_peace for using anime smileys
jeneca thisistragedy for changing her app instead of reapplying
bowie ___sundaydrive for posting a picture of her on her toilet
aaron pang_aaron for making me wonder if he was kidding
jessica jessicathrall for being just too 14
kelsey xelmntsktrx for being a "sktr" and not knowing how to read
kate butterflyk1sses
shawn dj_havok for spelling the word "against" a-g-e-n-s-t even though he's 26
lauren ashley fallonjolie for being guilty about Alanis Morrisette and not Avril Lavigne
jessica reginajack for saying "Sex is for making babies, not for pleasure ha
cecily vintagememory
kat shakenthoughts
sara bassbaby
jessica stitch_my_mouth for having gross eyebrows
jordan lightthefire276 for having jordyb183's name

tara boldoutlined for giving us attitude
junie junienicole for looking like amy lee and then deleting her app
shelley hes_heroin_ for fucking up the app and posting twice
ashley elizabeth higgins l0standf0und for being a fucking idiot
ellie embryodeadkitty also for being a fucking idiot and friends with the one above
michael desktoplegacy for being fat and getting offended too quickly. for pretending that he's above rating communities after applying to one.
kate butterflyk1sses for getting rejected... twice. sorry but those be the rules.
kat shakenthoughts



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